Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pi Run?

Pi is the constant that relates a circle’s diameter to its circumference. It is more interesting to say you ran 3.14 miles instead of the usual 5K or 3.1 miles and the  10K race is actually 6.28 miles (2 times Pi miles). We also have a Kids Run we call a Slice of Pi.

Who can participate?
Everyone can participate! The Pi Run is open to men and women of all fitness levels and we welcome strollers and you are welcome to run or walk.

What if I am unable to run on race day?
Unfortunately, ALD will be unable to refund your entry fee however we will be happy to provide your shirt and swag bag. If you would like to defer your race entry to another runner, contact ALD to arrange a change your entry.

How old do you have to be to participate?
Kids of all ages may join us for the Pi Run with parent signature and we offer a kids run designed just for them. We caution that children may be denied entry if we have probable cause that the race may jeopardize their safety.



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