Running weekend ahead

2 Apr

Running burns almost 700 calories per hour! What makes all that running and calorie burning more fun is when you put it to the test in a race. The Pi Run 5K and 10K, along with the Kids Fun Run, make Saturday, April 25 a great family day with fun for everyone!

Encourage anyone you know to consider participating in the Pi Run. You don’t have to run. If you walk the 5K, you will burn about 250 calories so get out there this weekend and walk, jog, or run, whatever you choose, you will reap the benefits. AND, you will be race ready come Saturday, April 25!

Don’t forget to register. Visit today.


Shirt order goes in next week!

31 Mar

It is hard to believe but the 2015 Pi Run is coming very soon. Our shirt order will go in next week so be sure to register before next Monday to ensure you get the size shirt you want.

The race shirts for this year are long-sleeved, Nike Dri-FIT, and you are going to love them. What is better than running in a great shirt? Nothing! That is why you need to register today at

Also encourage your friends and fellow runners to run Pi. Share the link and encourage them to run or walk! We would love to have them join us.

All this running will benefit the restoration of the Carnegie Building in Crookston. This ongoing project is the work of the Polk County Historical Society, and we are excited to be a part of this preservation of area history.

A friendly reminder to think Pi (Run), Pi (Run), Pi (Run) this weekend!

27 Mar

It’s March 25!

25 Mar

It’s March 25, and that means only one thing… it is only four weeks until the 2015 Pi Run! Are you ready because we are getting ready to host you for the only race where pie is your post-run treat.

You know you want to run for pie while you run Pi or 2 Pi so register today at

We can’t wait to cheer you on!

Warmer Weather and a Warm Welcome at the Pi Run

6 Mar

Hope you have been training for the 2015 Pi Run! It looks like warmer temperatures may give you the opportunity to take your running outside. If you haven’t registered for this year’s race, don’t wait, visit Active website to register today!

If you are enjoying a cup of coffee in Crookston, you may have an opportunity to see our Pi Run sticker on your coffee sleeve. The QR code will take you to the registration site so while you enjoy a cup, register to run or walk on Saturday, April 25.

Enjoy your day, and Happy Running!


Update to the logo for 2015

30 Jan

Check it out! The fifth annual ALD Pi Run promises to be better than ever. Register today!


Get Ready to Run in 2015

5 Jan

Thinking about your race schedule for the new year? Plan to run the 5th Annual Alpha Lambda Delta Pi Run. This year’s race promises to be better than ever, and remember, we serve pie to all those who participate in the Pi Run. If you are planning to run a marathon or half marathon this summer, the Pi Run can help you prepare! Registration for the race is available on Active and 5K and 10K runners will receive a Nike Dri-Fit long-sleeved running shirt. It will be the perfect shirt for running. The cost to register is only $30 so sign up today before the rate increase, and while you are at it, check out the race routes and start training for race day!

Race Route for 2015

7 Nov

The race route for the 2015 Pi Run will follow the same route as last year. We are excited to start and finish at Highland School in Crookston, Minn., and hope you will plan to run with us!

5k route 2014

5K (Pi) Route

2Pi Run 2014 Map

10K (2 Pi) Route

2014 2 Pi (10K) Finishers

26 Apr
2Pi (10K)
Name Time
Stephen Hjerstdt 38:47.1
Cayla Bendel 44:17.1
Rachel Hellyer 44:32.5
Joe Miller 46:19:00
Andrew Fowler 47:27:00
Joesph Wodarek 49:51:00
Kary Sheppard 49:54:00
Joshua Perea 50:09:00
Linda Keller 50:12:00
Andrea Anthony 50:37:00
Brenda Crane 53:12:00
Ronald Dorman 53:12:00
Stacy Kusler 53:57:00
Rachelle Alcini 54:30:00
Kallie Gau 54:30:00
Michel Novak 56:31.1
Wes Hanson 56:35:00
Crystal Hanson 56:35.9
Marc Schreier 56:41.4
Molly Buck 57:55.1
Megan Peck 58:02.8
Sam Deutsch 58:13.0
Sarah Larson 58:54.5
Linda Keller 1h:00:00
Cheyanne Davis 1h:01:07
Wayne Devine 1h:02:07
Holly Boyle 1h:03:26
Angel Korynta 1h:05:16
Logan Gjestvang 1h:07:37
Tracy Kressin 1h:08:13
Manuella Brown 1h:09:04
Virgina Gilpin 1h:09:46
Bonnie Geurin 1h:13:21

2014 Pi Run (5K) Finishers

26 Apr
Pi (5K)
Place Name Time
1 Erik Jacobson 19:42.9
2 Steve, Kohorst 20:11.2
3 Mollie Fearing 20:31.9
4 Ben Andringa 21:14.8
5 Marietta Geist 21:20.5
6 Lonnie Olson 21:32.8
7 Rachel Fearing 21:48.8
8 Brandy Cannedy 22:31.3
9 Miles Becker 23:09.8
10 Katelyn Johnson 23:53.7
11 Jaclyn Martin 24:05.0
12 Tiana Barsness 24:24.3
13 Al Schopp 24:32.9
14 Katherine Geist 24:49.6
15 Corey Hanson 25:17.5
16 Levi Webster 25:24.7
17 Tim Adeniyi 26:18.1
18 Hannah Dyke 26:18.2
19 Allison Kill 26:42.5
20 Kelsey Folkert 26:43.2
21 Emily Gillette 26:44.3
22 Guthrie Dingmann 26:45.3
23 Angela Peterson 26:53.7
24 Cody Thompson 27:01.5
25 Julie Bean 27:22.9
26 Jessica Wark 27:34.9
27 Merran Dingmann 27:42.9
28 Erin Peck 27:48.9
29 Jo Johnson 27:50.2
30 Carrie Clauson 27:53.1
31 NatalieTym 27:53.5
32 Josh Korynta 27:55.5
33 Bryan Wagner 27:58.8
34 Debbie Kappedal 28:09.7
35 Lexi Gauger 28:19.7
36 Amber Bailey 29:13.7
37 Scott LaBlanc 29:22.1
38 Coutney Ambrost 29:35.9
39 Delaney McIntyre 29:40.8
40 Elizabeth Busch 29:41.0
41 Jessica Dammen 29:42.8
42 Amber Errdmann 30:37.3
43 Nicole Fitzgerald 30:55.7
44 Matthew Habshmi 30:57.5
45 Kari Moe 31:18.5
46 Coty Wagner 31:43.5
47 Kim VanBambu 31:49.9
48 Lorraine Moore 32:35.1
49 Amanda Wangan 32:38.0
50 Michelle Manecke 32:42.6
51 Deandra O’Connell 33:23.1
52 Cassandra O’Conell 33:25.4
53 Tenniel Winger 33:46.7
54 Chelsea Sweson 33:57.5
55 Gail Kasowski 34:11.0
56 Les Wagner 34:21.6
57 Kathryn Jabcobson 34:41.5
58 Jodi Boerger-Wilder 34:45.9
59 Amy Broden 35:26.2
60 Katie Galland 36:27.9
61 Ruth Navarro 36:53.9
62 Melissa Dingmann 37:02.6
63 Lindsey Paul 37:17.5
64 Christina Blair 38:20.2
65 Ben Kucera 38:21.6
66 Jennifer Bailey 39:49.8
67 Blaine Andringa 42:41.4
68 Cathy LaJesse 42:43.8
69 Amy Knutson 43:00.4
70 Rebecca Diaz 43:00.8
71 Terri Bakker 43:47.2
72 Amanda Kruger 44:08.9
73 Denise Thompson 44:10.5
74 Katie Silcox 44:26.1
75 Rowenna Filmore 44:27.1
76 Julie Schreier 50:56:00
77 Andrea Davos 51:42.7
78 Tamara Parkin 52:08.4
79 Nicole Krostie 52:08.6
80 Jen Widseth-Coppe 54:37.1
81 Lori Wagner 55:16.6
82 Marissa Sewell 58:14.8
83 Janet Swenson 1 h:00: 18
84 Fred Wood 1h :00: 21
85 Katheryn Overgaard 1h:04:31